Saturday, April 8, 2017

G is for GOSSIP REIGNS #Poetry for #AtoZ

April #AtoZChallenge and #PoetryMonth
Three goals I had in mind while writing my collection of linked poetry:
1. To celebrate my appreciation of life
2. To experience the process of writing linked poetry, a form of Japanese renshi
3. To give thanks for and better appreciate a life well-lived.
The flowers are a colorful bonus for the #AtoZChallenge
***   ***   ***

G is for Gossip and Gladiolas (and Gail)

On lazy sun-washed afternoons

imagination turns to thoughts of

courtyard pubs, where friends gather to discuss

whatever most consumes their waking hours.

Tucked away behind the Seine in Paris, or

a secluded nook of Gloucester’s harbor,

topics range from art and plotlines, to the

tantalizing satchel in the local consignment shop.

Gossip reigns.

Food arrives, sporadically.

People pick at plates of

battered squid and cherry peppers.

Wash down Gorgonzola cheese-stuffed mushrooms

with dark beer and fresh-brewed coffee.

Or some exotic drink,

served in mugs sporting

a hodge-podge of designs.

Each holding a life’s story at the bottom,

shimmering for patrons to review

at leisure between sips.

Reality appears on no menu

in these flights of fantasy,

these parcels of precious moments,

free of conflict.

Close your eyes, relax.

Breathe deep.
 ***   ***   *** 
Is poetry well-suited for sparking the imagination and taking the reader on flights of fantasy?


  1. Lovely, Gail!
    I love the alliterative lines. (I love alliteration and all things Seussical!!)

  2. Thank you, Michelle. It is fun to leave reality at the door once in a while.

  3. Hi Gail - I could do with a pub visit now and lots of gossip - but kind gossip! Lovely poem full of floating gossipy thoughts ... cheers Hilary

    1. Oh, yes, Hilary, fun gossip about frivolous shopping and sunsets before tackling a new week of "butt in chair" writing.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for visiting, Jacqui. I enjoy reading the information on all those genres you are enlightening us about, some I'd never given thought to before.

  5. I love how you managed to make gossip sound so beautiful! Great piece

    1. Thanks, Debbie. Just gentle gossip, to pass the time.

  6. Yes, Mary. We have Irish pubs and Hawaiian pubs; we have breweries and sports bars, also. You name it, Honolulu's got it. Most of the islands do, also. Beach bars/pubs are the most popular for tourists. Locals often frequent their neighborhood watering hole or near-workplace karaoke bar.