Friday, May 26, 2017

#WATWB - Memorial Day Tribute

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On this Memorial Day week-end, we pay tribute to all those in the military who served, are serving, and especially to those who gave their lives to protect our freedoms. Thousands of lei are strung by volunteers from around O'ahu as a labor of love, and draped on gravesites at Punchbowl National Cemetery.
National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific - Punchbowl

Memorial Day
 Sad Reminders Row by Row
Tombs of the Unknown

Honor Guard Prepares
Posting of Fifty State Flags
Tribute to Deceased

Tribute from 442nd Division Vets Clubs
"Traditional Hula" Tribute

Lineup for Presentation of Flowers
Presentation of Floral Arrangements


Punchbowl Cemetery

View Within Punchbowl
In the Distance, Diamond Head
Memories Abound

Link to National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific site:

Memorial Day is a day to remember 
the men and women who died
in the service of
the United States Armed Forces

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All photographs taken by Gail Baugniet during a  
Memorial Day Service 
at Punchbowl Cemetery, Honolulu, Hawaii


  1. Hi Gail - a wonderful tribute from Honolulu ... the lei are just lovely to see - sad reminders for so many. Out of the darkness into the light over the past 120 years ... all the dreadful wars 'in relative recent memory' - desperate for so many. This weekend is a day to remember .. thank you for sharing your WATB Memorial Day Tribute ... Hilary

  2. What a heart-felt tribute. And I think of all those leis strung in love to honor and remember. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is beautiful, but heart-breaking at the same time. I'm glad that someone is doing this on Memorial Day, but sad that it has to be done. Great story for the #WATWB.

  4. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I hope more people will take a moment to remember about those who sacrificed all for their country. Thanks for being a part of #WATWB

  5. Such an meaningful tribute. So many made sacrifices to give others freedom, nice to know it hasn't been forgotten. Thanks so much for sharing! #WATWB
    Belinda Witzenhausen~Writer, Creativity Coach & Artist

  6. The pics are beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Gail.
    So sad about the tombs of the unknown...
    Writer In Transit

  7. So true, everyone, that it is a bittersweet event. Yes, Hilary, into the light. Vietnam veterans were left in the dark for too long but are now being escorted into the spotlight. The saddest to see are the tombs of the unknown soldiers.

  8. Bittersweet is the right word Gail. So fitting that you made your #WATWB a tribute to all those who have perished in fighting for our freedoms... We give thanks.

  9. Beautiful sights and memories, Gail. It comes not long after our Australian Anzac Day, 25 April. Thanks for being in our Blogfest Simon’s Still Stanza #WATWB

  10. Hi, dropped by your blog via the We are the World Blogfest, but could not find a post for June. Please let me know if I can help in any way, and hope to see a post from you on the 28th July ~ Warm regards, Sylvia McGrath #WATWB