Friday, April 28, 2017

We Are The World #WATWIC Promoting Positive News

We Are The World Blogfest aims at promoting positive news.

Here is a quick checklist of guidelines:
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one that shows love, humanity, and brotherhood.
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My link for April is to a human news story that tells about how some ties-that-bind between new friends last for a lifetime.

When I write my mystery novels, I do extensive research for the settings, on-site whenever possible. For scenes set in Boston, I researched everything from the history of Faneuil Hall to the menu of Cheers Bar and the swans in the Public Gardens near Boston Common. On-line research extended to young patients at Children's Hospital and Dana-Farber’s Jimmy Fund Clinic.

Excerpts from current, heart-warming news stories always catch my eye. This is one of them.  

“It was a huge source of comfort for both of us to know that
someone else understood what we each were going through,”

April 07, 2017

Some connections can never be broken. Jimmy Fund Facebook re-connects two cancer patients 13 years later. more ›  
Link to full story:

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The Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk is September 24, 2017


  1. This is such a touching and beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it. And I'm glad to come upon your blog again thanks to this fest. Take care!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Julie. Friendships that last a lifetime are so important, especially when forged through common experiences of hardship.

  2. This is a wonderful story of friendship and survival. I'm so happy that these two beat the odds and are here today to rekindle that friendship. Thank you for sharing and being part of #WATWB.

    1. Thank you for welcoming me, Mary. The survival of a friendship is always uplifting.

  3. What a heart-warming story! And it's lovely to celebrate two young women who made it through such extraordinary challenges.

    1. Thank you, Deborah. Having a friend to walk with during and illness and then rekindling the relationship is a heartwarming experience.

  4. Wonderful story, Gail.
    The timing of different occasions/events within the lives of these two is inexplicable...definitely a special bond that has remained unaffected by time and space.
    Thank you for participating in the blog hop.
    Writer In Transit #WATWB

  5. Hi Gail - lovely story ... I went over and read through the link ... some extraordinary co-incidences ... amazing and what help they must have given each other during their treatment. Then a lovely tie in of their engagements ... strange but true ...

    Thanks and cheers Hilary

  6. What a story. Thanks for sharing. The Brittany duo are an inspiration and a wonderful testimony of how we can reconnect with those we may have lost touch with. Thanks for joining our Blogfest :) Simon’s Still Stanza #WATWB