Monday, April 17, 2017

N is for NO KNACK #AtoZChallenge Poetry and Flowers

April #AtoZChallenge and #PoetryMonth
Three goals I had in mind while writing my collection of linked poetry:
1. To celebrate my appreciation of life
2. To experience the process of writing linked poetry, a form of Japanese renshi
3. To give thanks for and better appreciate a life well-lived.
The flowers are a colorful bonus for the #AtoZChallenge
***   ***   ***
 N is for No Knack and Narcissus
No Knack 

My Toastmasters speech
a dry run.
Tense, but eager
Using clear, concise tones.
Each word highlighting a point
on how the writing process
flows from idea sparked,
to bursting flame,
generating a complete and published work.

Then I swap the breezy artist’s cap
for one of entrepreneur – and
feel the constant drag
like wading through
a cooled pahoahoa lava flow, or
a river of mud.
***   ***   ***
If you are a writer who has switched hats to market your work in print, you probably understand where I was coming from when I wrote this poem. Do you find it easier to write than market your work?



  1. Hi Gail - I'm not out there marketing my blog or thus my writing ... but now I find it easier to write talks up and to deliver them ... it's my voice, and is of approximately the right length for the talk ... so I guess it's one great learning curve - Toastmasters left me cold ... I'm still not sure I'd like to do it now!! Cheers Hilary

    1. Considering how interesting your blog posts are, Hilary, I imagine your talks would be spellbinding.

  2. I dont know poetry much but u write so beautifully. No i will be happy writing, dont know if i can market it, seems tedious 😊

    1. Tedious and time consuming full-time job for an expert. So you can imagine the frustration for someone who would prefer to be writing instead. Thank you for visiting today.

  3. Marketing poetry is harder than marketing prose. And rhymed poetry more difficult than unrhymed. My two bits. Enjoyed the poetry!


    1. Your reasoning is sound, Nilanjana. I haven't written much rhyming poetry and mostly write genre poetry like haiku and renshi-style linking poetry. I am working on some ideas but still nothing rhyming.

  4. Ah, you captured that feeling. I actually use both (writing and marketing) to keep each other fresh. When I get stale with one, I move to the other.

    1. That's good that you feel comfortable in either hat, Jacqui. I do marketing in between writing, but it tends to overwhelm me.