Wednesday, April 19, 2017

P is for POSSIBILITIES #PoetryMonth #AtoZ

April #AtoZChallenge and #PoetryMonth
Three goals I had in mind while writing my collection of linked poetry:
1. To celebrate my appreciation of life
2. To experience the process of writing linked poetry, a form of Japanese renshi
3. To give thanks for and better appreciate a life well-lived.
The flowers are a colorful bonus for the #AtoZChallenge
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 P is for Possibilities and Poinsettias



There are words
I want to build on
and to use as titles
of poems. Phrases with meaning: 

Rendering a Thought Visible


Attempt at the Impossible

But my page is blank
Not barren, only empty.
As the leaves of autumn
shrivel and blow away,
so has my inspiration.
Leaving behind only

Inspired by the works of Belgian artist René Magritte and an essay by Marcel Paquet: The Enigma of Poetry.

Do other mediums inspire/inform your poetic musings?
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  1. Hi Gail - I'm afraid my poetic leanings are very scarce - though I do enjoy poetry. These ones you've crafted from the inspirational work of Magritte and Pacquet are lovely ... very soft ... but yet possibilities. Lovely to read - cheers Hilary

  2. Thank you, Hilary. Just knowing there are possibilities gives me the energy to move forward, whether with inspired action or not.