Thursday, April 20, 2017

Q is for QUESTIONING SOULS #AtoZChallenge Poetry

April #AtoZChallenge and #PoetryMonth
Three goals I had in mind while writing my collection of linked poetry:
1. To celebrate my appreciation of life
2. To experience the process of writing linked poetry, a form of Japanese renshi
3. To give thanks for and better appreciate a life well-lived.
The flowers are a colorful bonus for the #AtoZChallenge
***   ***   ***
Q is for Questioning Souls and Queen Victoria Century Plant 


No! My education
is too lacking.
The words all
come out wrong.
Why would anybody
even care? 

Marathons are
not for weak,
questioning souls
but for
strong minds,
solid knees,
and muscular hearts 

Yes. I can
believe in myself. I can
stop braiding negativity
into disbelief. I can
start spinning confidence
into success. 

***   ***   ***
Questioning your worth - whether you do it to yourself or someone else feels it is their duty to do it to you - is non-productive for everyone. Better to believe in yourself and to help others to do the same.



  1. Hi Gail - I hardly questioned anything as I grew up ... but then I started questioning everything and since I've been blogging have been curiously questioning so much about so many things - catching up time! Embrace people's abilities ... take the negative sting away ... cheers Hilary

    1. I'm afraid I asked so many questions as a young child, Hilary, I drove people a bit crazy. Then I stopped, and like you, started up again with my blogging. Now I can appreciate the answers.

  2. When we were young the saying was: children should be seen and not heard. So questioning anything was mostly unheard of.
    That was another era.
    Like Hilary says, it's catching up time.
    Writer In Transit

  3. Exactly, Michelle. I am doing the same, catching up. Such freedom to have answers at our fingertips.

  4. Wonderful images. Will I braid negativity or spin confidence? I prefer the latter.

    1. I would, also, Sue - spin confidence. But it just occurred to me how wonderful it would be if we cold spin an attitude of negativity into a vote of confidence.