Tuesday, April 25, 2017

U is for UNEXAMINED MADNESS #AtoZChallenge Poetry

April #AtoZChallenge and #PoetryMonth
Three goals I had in mind while writing my collection of linked poetry:
1. To celebrate my appreciation of life
2. To experience the process of writing linked poetry, a form of Japanese renshi
3. To give thanks for and better appreciate a life well-lived.
The flowers are a colorful bonus for the #AtoZChallenge
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U is for Unexamined Madness and Umbrella Palm 


No war, no pollution
Not global arming*
Or racism 

Nuclear threats, bigotry,
High cost of living,
And joblessness 

Nothing will be resolved
Until unexamined madness
Of Self-loathing and
Bloated egos ends. 

Denial of equality
Continues to
Generate war, pollution,
Racism and bigotry 

Stop the denial and know:
I am you
You are me

*Global arming: This began as a typo but seemed even more appropriate than the intended: global warming.
Would you agree?

(Author's note: This is an apolitical poem, written in August, 2015.)

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  1. Hi Gail - I liked the touch of 'global arming' ... leaving the 'W' out ... and the poem is very pertinent ... while the world looks on at as you so rightly say it "Unexamined Madness" ... we need to have faith ... cheers Hilary


  2. Unexamined madness has reached pandemic proportions. It's almost like the "new norm". Scary thought...
    (A poetry idea just popped into my mind as I wrote this comment...I need to write down the comment and see where it takes me.)
    Writer In Transit

    1. Yes, Michelle, we utilize writing prompts wherever they may appear.

  3. We don't seem to get any closer, do we.

    1. As they say, Jacqui, the more things change . . .